Does email marketing BORE you?

Me too.

It’s boring.


It’s like watching David Hasselhoff on repeat. At some point, you feel like ripping the frizzy hair off his pigeon chest.

Now, how do I get from Baywatch to my product?


Imagine you could REALLY bond with your email list - just like shirtless Hoff with his female audience but…

…without sending transactional emails

…without pushing your “news” like it’s 1950

…without becoming a self-absorbed me, Me, ME don-draping marketer living in One Way Street.

What if you ACTUALLY understood your readers without having to track their behavior with dubious tricks?

What if your readers were happy to share their preferences with you and they felt GREAT about it?

What if your readers didn’t have to join a new platform? If they can receive emails, they’re set up!

What if all they had to do was read and click (which they know how to do), and you would gather all the information you need to provide a better product experience?



That is possible!

And it’s simple (on the surface),
but complex beneath…

like Steve Jobs’ clothing style,
or Hasselhoff’s relapse-recovery cycle.

It’s as simple as email is simple.

And it’s as complex… as writing successful email campaigns is complex.


People love email.

People love stories.

And people love adventures, even as complex as “Lost”.

So, why not give people what they love in a medium that they love too?

Say HELLO to…

Super Responder logo

Super Responder is using the simplicity of plain-text emails, the depth of interactive fiction, and our storytelling expertise to create automated email campaigns.

With Super Responder, you build relationships first and let the transaction follow as smoothly as a razor-shaved chicken breast.

We focus on engagement, conversations, and relationships because we come from a standpoint of care for you and your people, not for profit. We all know how unsustainable profit greed is.

Luv u some adventure?

Create email-adventure campaigns…

Turn a bored non-responsive email list into engaged super-responders…

They’ve been looking for freedom, freedom from the boredom that lazy email marketers made them suffer from.

THIS is the answer to dire email sequences and “dead” bodies on your list…

Revive your email list with “Super Responder” by entering your name and email below, so I can add you to the waiting list!

And boy, do you get the retro bonus too because who in his right mind would be inspired by 1970s Interactive Fiction when thinking about innovating your 2021 email marketing game, right? It’s crazy, crazy good.

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